Order Processing

How does order processing work?

1, Clients opts for a design either from us or even a personalized one.

2, A quotation is sent out by the factory as per the quantity,

3, If client agrees on the prices, then samples are provided.

4, On the agreement of the client, the samples are forwarded against minimal charges which is returned on the order placement.

5, Again, on the agreement of client, samples are prepared and dispatched.

6, Client provides Express Account number. We understand some of clients do not have it and in such case we can analyze the cost to help you out.

7, If client is pleased/satisfied with samples then they place a trial order.

8, Factory prepares a Performa Invoice.

9, Client makes the payment and emails regarding required packing draft along with their specific customized help. Also, we can assist you in designing.

10, On the behalf of our factory, production is completed on time along with photo of the inspection whereas samples of the production are also dispatched.

11, Finally, entire of the items are packed and loaded in container and shipped out.